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Man of London is no more. Long live Man of Scotland.


once again thank you for following Man of London.

Please check out my new project Man of Scotland. A different focus on modern Scottish culture. 


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ManOfLondon: ManOfScotland : Patriotism in a strange land.

I have noticed something as of late. Man Of London misses his homeland of Scotland.

I seem to do this strange thing at certain times,

I become very aware of my Scottish side and I project it onto other people!

Yesterday, being St. Andrews day, one of Scotland’s national holidays, meant that I did this all day.

Now, if you went up to a gentleman on say, Bond Street, and asked him “Whare aboot is the tube station” you would get a look of disgust, perplexity, or both.

It’s something I’m itching to try.

Since I began ManOfLondon about three months ago, I have lost count of the amount of non Scottish people who wander around the big smoke telling people to ‘shut their pus’ (Pus, is a Scottish word for face, and can be used in a loving way, or an offensive way) and, my consumption of IRN-BRU has sky-rocketed.

This gentleman is perhaps worried deep down that he will submit totally to the London culture and may lose his roots.

Thus when I feel this way I use my local customs and language to ensure that doesn’t happen.

ManOfLondon is doing something that the Americans have been accused of for years (Americanization).

He is putting a Scots’ stamp on a new landscape

I’m still at a miss as to why I feel the need to do things like spread my local dialect around an un-familiar place, and drink what is known as my ‘other’ national drink.

It could be because I miss home, it could be because London is such a melting pot of cultures and I don’t feel the Scottish culture is a part of it.

Glencoe, Scotland

The reasoning for this is something I am only going to discover in time.

To all my Scots readers, I hope you had a fantastic St. Andrews day. I guess all that’s left is for me to say Chefter (that’s goodbye where I’m from).

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ManofLondon Comments: Mind the gap: Mind the noise- why do we not say hello?

ManofLondon was recently visited my MotherofManofLondon (That’s Mum to you and me) and she was shocked at how unfriendly other people are on London’s transport network. “It’s just not like this in Scotland” she told me, forgetting I spent the first 21 years of my life there too.

I told her it’s just the way it is. People are plugged into their IPads’, Kindles’, their edition of the Metro/Evening Standard (Dependent on time of day) or are just plain asleep. She wasn’t convinced.

“it’s just rude. I would always smile at the person sitting across from me”. My mother is one stubborn woman, and, when she sets her mind to it, nothing will stop her (That’s where I get it from! Sorry Dad!), so she decided to strike up a conversation with everyone she was near on the tube, and on the bus.

Her efforts varied from a nice German Ex-Pat who spoke to her for around fifteen minutes to some sinister looks from everyone on a bus.


So what is the reasoning for this? One theory I suggested to my mother is that, after a long hard day in London (ManofLondon has survived an unusually high number of these, after only living here for eight weeks) most Londoners simply don’t have the energy. The tube, with its lack of mobile service for much of the line, offers a place of solitude, where the office can’t reach you, where you don’t always need to be ‘on’. You can chill and catch up on the world, which, for the past seven hours or so, has been a blur as you move through it.

Should it change?

In a word, Yes. We should all be more sociable. It’s a hard time for everyone right now. Our economy is weaker than the houses of the three little piggies. Those who are lucky enough to be in a job are having to choose between food and heat. If we offered each other a warm smile, and a friendly hello, wouldn’t it put a silver lining on the cloud that seems to constantly be hanging over our heads? What do you think? ManofLondon has taken the initiative from this experience and makes sure he smiles at one person randomly a day.


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