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Man Of London. Man Of Ailments.

For the second time this month, Man Of London (the blogger formally known as ManOfLondon) is sick. Boo.

I believe that London life, with it’s hectic schedules, as well as its well used public transport system gave aided my current bout of tonsillitis.

Man Of London feels it is his duty therefore, to inform you, Men Of London, of my top tips which usually keep my feeling tip top.

Nothing is one hundred percent effective, however these steps will help keep you on your toes unlike a certain someone ( I am currently Man Of Bed / Man Of Tissues).

Top Tip one.

Hand sanitiser. Say it with me.Hand Sanitser.

This bad boy is your number one tool in the fight against flu.

It isn’t expensive too. At around ninety-nine pence , this is a tube essential.

Use regularly when traveling around the city.

Germs can linger on hand rails and door handles for hours, and on a packed tube train hurtling towards Cockfosters, that can only spell disaster.

Apply to hands and rub vigourusly until dried in, any pesky bacteria that was lingering around is now destroyed leaving you looking cool, rather than burning up.

Top Tip Two.

Sneeze to please.

Got a cold? If you have the sniffles and need to sneeze, always sneeze into a tissue. It stops the infection spreading and protects your fellow man.

Plus. Protecting your fellow man makes you feel like a super hero. Awesome.

Some brands of tissue now come in antiviral variations which are an excellent choice.

Top tip Three.

Back to basics.

When you are home from traveling, make sure you wash your hands properly, and prepare a dinner full of fruit and veg to keep the immune system in the zone.

Top Tip Four.

Vitiman S(uave).

Multi vitamins are an effective way to ensure your providing your system with the boost it needs during this infectious time.

Many retailers stock multi vitamins designed specifically for men.

Take regularly to ensure you stay fit as a fiddle.

That’s all of the advice Man Of London can currently give to the modern man making his way through the big bad city.

If you do end up in the same unfortunate position, make sure you rest, remain hydrated and get lots of sleep.


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