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Man of London is no more. Long live Man of Scotland.


once again thank you for following Man of London.

Please check out my new project Man of Scotland. A different focus on modern Scottish culture. 


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Man of London : Man of new pastures

The time has come for Man of London to move on to new adventures. This will be the final post on this blog. A new one will begin soon.

Thank you for following,

Greg Flucker

Man of London.

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Man Of London misses you.

Apologies for being missing of late. Expect new content soon. 🙂

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And all that Jazz: ManOfLondon loves theatre : Chicago.

Criminal.  It’s criminal how little ManOfLondon gets to go to the theatre. It (crime) was also the main focus of the long running west-end show Chicago.

The femme fatale really did get to have her cake and eat it .

Watch out for Roxy. She will be the innocent girl next door until she blasts a hole in your heart.


The Garrick theatre is the perfect setting for the 1930’s inspired play. The glamour of the show is reflected in the building.
ManOfLondon and his trusty companion got a little carried away and almost purchased a bottle of bubbly . Thank goodness we had the striking realization that we have to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

The bar prices at the theatre are reasonable by west end standards, with a bottle of house wine setting you back around £16. Make sure you ask for a plastic glass so you can take your drink to your seat with you.

The stage set up is fantastic and MOL (that’s me!) thinks it has been used to its full potential. The minimalist stage places the live band at centre stage and gives them the recognition they ever so rarely get down in the band pit

The ensemble cast worked well together to bring some comical drama to the stage.

The musical numbers are fantastic too.

The infamous “All that jazz” had even the most ridged of gentleman tapping his feet, while “when you’re good to mamma’ blew me away.

ManOfLondon recommends that you pick your seating wisely, as the theatre is an old venue areas of the upper balcony do have a slightly obscured view- however the tickets are discounted for those on a budget!

ManOfLondon knows that musicals are not for everyone, however, there is something magical about the theatre that cannot be mimicked in film.

The action is live, the performance is so close you can connect with it and most of all; it will always be slightly different each time.

ManOfLondon urges you to check out your local theatre as soon as possible.

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Happy new year

Happy new year from ManOfLondon. Many posts to come in 2012.

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ManOfLondon : Christmas at the South Bank

South bank Centre- London Eye

Man of London took a walk down to London’s south bank centre on a crisp Friday afternoon this December and can honestly say there was a sense of magic in the air.

The south bank centre has been transformed into a Christmas experience to remember with all the senses of the modern gentleman catered for.

Approaching the centre the smell of mulled wine lingered In the winter air and my cheeks began to flush.

Impressive considering I had not yet had a sip.

I stumbled upon a winter food market at the back on the centre. Filled with the finest confections and foods any trip there would ensure a perfect christmas feast.

Indoor experience

When ManOfLondon entered the centre the atmosphere was electric. Technicians were preparing various spaces within the venue for that evenings performances, with many audience members already gathered in the terrace lounge waiting for the festivities to kick off the weekend.

An impressive array of performances and cultural events many of them free with events to appeal to the modern gentleman and the modern family come to think of it.

Space for some performances is limited so ManOfLondon recommends arriving early or booking in advance where possible.

Outside the centre itself and on the banks of the Thames is a traditional Christmas market. A huge line of little log cabins selling everything from handmade Christmas decoration to pillows shaped like pandas.

One stall in particular has a pair of chocolate fountains where you can have a ‘kebab’ of items slathered in the chocolate of your choice to tantalise your taste buds.

ManOfLondon has a sweet-tooth and it’s not a secret. I opted for the marshmallow kebab smothered in molten white chocolate.

Honestly, this was the best £2.50 I ever spent.

Marshmallows and white chocolate. MOL like!

The luxurious white chocolate was warm enough to make the marshmallow melt slightly and it’s a treat that young and old can enjoy to warm up on a cold winter evening.

The Southbank centre has done a fantastic job of cramming a lot of different activities Into a relatively small space.

The market with its somewhat traditonal feel, as well as the twinkling lights which frame your view of The London Eye and Big Ben really helps to put your mind into the Christmas spirit.

With the market running until Christmas eve, there is still time for even the most unprepared gentleman to experience a little of the Christmas sparkle the capital has to offer.

The Centre is easy to get too, with Waterloo Tube station only a short walk away and for the mariner in you, the centre can be accessed by boats stopping at river pier until later afternoon.


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ManOfLondon: ManOfScotland : Patriotism in a strange land.

I have noticed something as of late. Man Of London misses his homeland of Scotland.

I seem to do this strange thing at certain times,

I become very aware of my Scottish side and I project it onto other people!

Yesterday, being St. Andrews day, one of Scotland’s national holidays, meant that I did this all day.

Now, if you went up to a gentleman on say, Bond Street, and asked him “Whare aboot is the tube station” you would get a look of disgust, perplexity, or both.

It’s something I’m itching to try.

Since I began ManOfLondon about three months ago, I have lost count of the amount of non Scottish people who wander around the big smoke telling people to ‘shut their pus’ (Pus, is a Scottish word for face, and can be used in a loving way, or an offensive way) and, my consumption of IRN-BRU has sky-rocketed.

This gentleman is perhaps worried deep down that he will submit totally to the London culture and may lose his roots.

Thus when I feel this way I use my local customs and language to ensure that doesn’t happen.

ManOfLondon is doing something that the Americans have been accused of for years (Americanization).

He is putting a Scots’ stamp on a new landscape

I’m still at a miss as to why I feel the need to do things like spread my local dialect around an un-familiar place, and drink what is known as my ‘other’ national drink.

It could be because I miss home, it could be because London is such a melting pot of cultures and I don’t feel the Scottish culture is a part of it.

Glencoe, Scotland

The reasoning for this is something I am only going to discover in time.

To all my Scots readers, I hope you had a fantastic St. Andrews day. I guess all that’s left is for me to say Chefter (that’s goodbye where I’m from).

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ManOfLondon works it: Presenting Velvet pose.

ManOfLondon interviewing clubbers for Velvet Pose

ManOfLondon has a new gig! MOL is now presenting a new T.V show called Velvet Pose. We filmed the first episode on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was an amazing experience.

Filming took place at the world famous Ministry of Sound at their  ‘ Defected in the house’ night. Loving house music means this was a dream come true.

We had the shoot scheduled from 10pm until 3 am. We managed to get some fantastic footage of the club before the clubbers arrived and then even more when the party was in full swing.

ManOfLondon had two main tasks of the evening. I was tasked with finding out what drinks fulled the clubbers well into the early hour. Man Of London was told about a Cuban cocktail, a mix of Vodka and Rum amongst other things. This gentlemen is going to need to conduct a taste test.

I also got the amazing chance to interview Chocolate Puma, two very talented Dj’s who were also very down to earth.

ManOfLondon and ChocolatePuma

I interviewed them in the Green room of ministry of sound and they were very interesting and friendly, which made our interview very natural.

ManOfLondon is currently exhausted. The point of this post is to tell you to look our for Velvet Pose, and to watch our episodes as and when they are released.

Follow @ Velvetpose on Twitter (and @GregFlucker while you are at it!)

‘Like’ Velvet Pose on Facebook.

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ManOfLondon (Greg Flucker) Photography for GigsandFestivals.

Please have a look at my work. Thank you.

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November 24, 2011 · 9:34 pm

ManOfLondon : Music : Four tracks for London living

The modern gentleman loves modern music. This is our top four tracks for the month of November.

Foster the people : Pumped up kicks

You will have heard this song. The American trio have exploded onto the UK music scene with their album ‘Torches’. This track is one of their most popular, but has such a good feel to it that it should brighten up any early morning commute.

Bombay Bicycle Club:  Your Eyes

London’s very own Bombay Bicycle Club hit the nail on their head with their latest album ‘A different kind of fix’.  This track taken from the album will make you want to get up and dance at the most inappropriate times. (WARNING : ManOfLondon will not be held responsible for any random outbursts of dance on the London transport network, resulting in your social exclusion, humiliation or arrest.)

Katy Perry: The one that got away

ManOfLondon has a soft spot for Katy Perry. Her music is catchy, and she can seem to effortlessly move from party anthem to ballad. Her follow up single to the huge ‘Last Friday night (T.G.I.F)’ Perry has once again created a hit. The love ballad that every man can relate to, with its bass beat make it a love song for a new generation.
Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris : We found love

ManOfLondon cannot get this out of his head. The addictive lyrical styling of the Barbadian beauty with the filthy beats of the suave Scottish Mr. Harris helped this song to clinch the coveted number one spot. This song looks set to be a club hit for the foreseeable future.

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