And all that Jazz: ManOfLondon loves theatre : Chicago.

Criminal.  It’s criminal how little ManOfLondon gets to go to the theatre. It (crime) was also the main focus of the long running west-end show Chicago.

The femme fatale really did get to have her cake and eat it .

Watch out for Roxy. She will be the innocent girl next door until she blasts a hole in your heart.


The Garrick theatre is the perfect setting for the 1930’s inspired play. The glamour of the show is reflected in the building.
ManOfLondon and his trusty companion got a little carried away and almost purchased a bottle of bubbly . Thank goodness we had the striking realization that we have to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

The bar prices at the theatre are reasonable by west end standards, with a bottle of house wine setting you back around £16. Make sure you ask for a plastic glass so you can take your drink to your seat with you.

The stage set up is fantastic and MOL (that’s me!) thinks it has been used to its full potential. The minimalist stage places the live band at centre stage and gives them the recognition they ever so rarely get down in the band pit

The ensemble cast worked well together to bring some comical drama to the stage.

The musical numbers are fantastic too.

The infamous “All that jazz” had even the most ridged of gentleman tapping his feet, while “when you’re good to mamma’ blew me away.

ManOfLondon recommends that you pick your seating wisely, as the theatre is an old venue areas of the upper balcony do have a slightly obscured view- however the tickets are discounted for those on a budget!

ManOfLondon knows that musicals are not for everyone, however, there is something magical about the theatre that cannot be mimicked in film.

The action is live, the performance is so close you can connect with it and most of all; it will always be slightly different each time.

ManOfLondon urges you to check out your local theatre as soon as possible.


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