ManOfLondon : Christmas at the South Bank

South bank Centre- London Eye

Man of London took a walk down to London’s south bank centre on a crisp Friday afternoon this December and can honestly say there was a sense of magic in the air.

The south bank centre has been transformed into a Christmas experience to remember with all the senses of the modern gentleman catered for.

Approaching the centre the smell of mulled wine lingered In the winter air and my cheeks began to flush.

Impressive considering I had not yet had a sip.

I stumbled upon a winter food market at the back on the centre. Filled with the finest confections and foods any trip there would ensure a perfect christmas feast.

Indoor experience

When ManOfLondon entered the centre the atmosphere was electric. Technicians were preparing various spaces within the venue for that evenings performances, with many audience members already gathered in the terrace lounge waiting for the festivities to kick off the weekend.

An impressive array of performances and cultural events many of them free with events to appeal to the modern gentleman and the modern family come to think of it.

Space for some performances is limited so ManOfLondon recommends arriving early or booking in advance where possible.

Outside the centre itself and on the banks of the Thames is a traditional Christmas market. A huge line of little log cabins selling everything from handmade Christmas decoration to pillows shaped like pandas.

One stall in particular has a pair of chocolate fountains where you can have a ‘kebab’ of items slathered in the chocolate of your choice to tantalise your taste buds.

ManOfLondon has a sweet-tooth and it’s not a secret. I opted for the marshmallow kebab smothered in molten white chocolate.

Honestly, this was the best £2.50 I ever spent.

Marshmallows and white chocolate. MOL like!

The luxurious white chocolate was warm enough to make the marshmallow melt slightly and it’s a treat that young and old can enjoy to warm up on a cold winter evening.

The Southbank centre has done a fantastic job of cramming a lot of different activities Into a relatively small space.

The market with its somewhat traditonal feel, as well as the twinkling lights which frame your view of The London Eye and Big Ben really helps to put your mind into the Christmas spirit.

With the market running until Christmas eve, there is still time for even the most unprepared gentleman to experience a little of the Christmas sparkle the capital has to offer.

The Centre is easy to get too, with Waterloo Tube station only a short walk away and for the mariner in you, the centre can be accessed by boats stopping at river pier until later afternoon.



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2 responses to “ManOfLondon : Christmas at the South Bank

  1. The South Bank Centre during Christmas time is really a must-see!!

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