ManOfLondon: ManOfScotland : Patriotism in a strange land.

I have noticed something as of late. Man Of London misses his homeland of Scotland.

I seem to do this strange thing at certain times,

I become very aware of my Scottish side and I project it onto other people!

Yesterday, being St. Andrews day, one of Scotland’s national holidays, meant that I did this all day.

Now, if you went up to a gentleman on say, Bond Street, and asked him “Whare aboot is the tube station” you would get a look of disgust, perplexity, or both.

It’s something I’m itching to try.

Since I began ManOfLondon about three months ago, I have lost count of the amount of non Scottish people who wander around the big smoke telling people to ‘shut their pus’ (Pus, is a Scottish word for face, and can be used in a loving way, or an offensive way) and, my consumption of IRN-BRU has sky-rocketed.

This gentleman is perhaps worried deep down that he will submit totally to the London culture and may lose his roots.

Thus when I feel this way I use my local customs and language to ensure that doesn’t happen.

ManOfLondon is doing something that the Americans have been accused of for years (Americanization).

He is putting a Scots’ stamp on a new landscape

I’m still at a miss as to why I feel the need to do things like spread my local dialect around an un-familiar place, and drink what is known as my ‘other’ national drink.

It could be because I miss home, it could be because London is such a melting pot of cultures and I don’t feel the Scottish culture is a part of it.

Glencoe, Scotland

The reasoning for this is something I am only going to discover in time.

To all my Scots readers, I hope you had a fantastic St. Andrews day. I guess all that’s left is for me to say Chefter (that’s goodbye where I’m from).


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