ManOfLondon works it: Presenting Velvet pose.

ManOfLondon interviewing clubbers for Velvet Pose

ManOfLondon has a new gig! MOL is now presenting a new T.V show called Velvet Pose. We filmed the first episode on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was an amazing experience.

Filming took place at the world famous Ministry of Sound at their  ‘ Defected in the house’ night. Loving house music means this was a dream come true.

We had the shoot scheduled from 10pm until 3 am. We managed to get some fantastic footage of the club before the clubbers arrived and then even more when the party was in full swing.

ManOfLondon had two main tasks of the evening. I was tasked with finding out what drinks fulled the clubbers well into the early hour. Man Of London was told about a Cuban cocktail, a mix of Vodka and Rum amongst other things. This gentlemen is going to need to conduct a taste test.

I also got the amazing chance to interview Chocolate Puma, two very talented Dj’s who were also very down to earth.

ManOfLondon and ChocolatePuma

I interviewed them in the Green room of ministry of sound and they were very interesting and friendly, which made our interview very natural.

ManOfLondon is currently exhausted. The point of this post is to tell you to look our for Velvet Pose, and to watch our episodes as and when they are released.

Follow @ Velvetpose on Twitter (and @GregFlucker while you are at it!)

‘Like’ Velvet Pose on Facebook.


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  1. So cool! Looks very professional and I’m looking forward to see the episode 🙂

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