ManOfLondon plays : Saints Row three : Gaming with a new depth

ManOfLondon is not the biggest fan of video games. However, with all the buzz behind Saints Row three, combined with my flat-mate purchasing a copy, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s been quite a while since I picked up an Xbox gamepad and I have to admit, it felt quite good.

At first appearance, the game seemed to me to simply emulate those that have preceded it. It seemed nothing more than a slightly futuristic version of Rockstar’s GTA Four.

The difference between the two is easy to see in terms of gameplay and character development.


Never before has the modern gentleman been given so much control in a game from this genre.

The protagonist, who you will use to build and control your empire, is customizable in thousands of different combinations from the suave suit and tie look to the ridiculous and somewhat chilling bobble-headed cat.

The man on the screen can now match the man on the sofa.

As your empire grows, the amount of properties you own as well as vehicles and weapons arsenal will expand and you can choose and customize these until you are satisfied that you can rule the city.

ManOfLondon’s favourite items included a tank which was unstoppable, as well as a jet that was also. Unstoppable…Tyranny may or may not be the future of ManOfLondon…watch this space.

Gameplay itself is interactive, well paced and slightly addictive. Weapons range from a missile airstrike you can order on your enemies to a large…’female stimulator’ that goes by the name of ‘the penetrator’.

There is something I never thought I’d publish on here.

Selecting your weapon of choice you are free to roam the environment or answer your telephone and participate in the games ‘missions’.
Completing these tasks will advance you through the game while roaming the city simply relieves stress after a long day at the office.

Overall the game is something that the modern gentleman should experience, only if he can handle gratuitous fake violence.

Sharp graphics, good gameplay and a fantastic soundtrack ensure your attention will be held for some time, just remember, it’s only a game and if you walk down the street wearing a giant cat’s head, people will stare at you. I’m still too embarrassed to leave the house.


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