ManOfLondon watches: Paranormal activity 3

ManOfLondon watches: Paranormal activity 3

Just as its predecessors did, Paranormal Activity three dominated our cinema screens. The Third installment in the series has been described as the scariest one yet and it didn’t disappoint.

This prequel to the original two films takes place in late eighties (Big hair and VHS tapes anyone?) where we see the main characters from the first two films, growing up with strange happenings which we seen plague their lives in the first two movies.

As the film progressed I felt the chilling familiarity in my chest that only these films manage to stir within a sophisticated gentleman like myself. ManofLondon believes that it is perfectly normal for the modern gentleman to show his feelings, however, screaming more than three times in one feature is something that should be controlled (something the man two rows in front of me did not understand).

The special effects in this film were just as amazing as in the first two films, and seemed all the more effective as they were used more heavily than in previous films.

Without giving too much away, the scene in the empty kitchen is by far the most impressive of the eighty-four minute feature. ManofLondon will think twice about entering the kitchen while alone in the house.

ManOfLondon thinks these films have real appeal.

From their original advertising, to the fact that we cannot see the ‘killer’ in the shot, gives the film a fear factor absent in those classic slasher movies of the past, the series has been successful in getting people talking.

Word of mouth was and remains the biggest benefit to this franchise.

Without it, it’s original release wouldn’t have been picked up by a large studio and film distributor, and , this film would not be able to amass the huge cult following it has today.
It goes to show that word of mouth may have existed before the internet, but, with out technology connected world, anyone can harness it.


There is a downside to the film however.

One feels there are too many questions raised by the ending that may not be answerable in a sequel.

Why do the two sisters not get into a discussion about their mother in the previous two films?

Why, as the viewer, were we not given as much of an insight into the girls past in the first two films to entice us to see this one, and why do we not see what happens to the girls after the final night in the film?

Only time will tell if these questions will ever be answered, but, like the other two films, we shouldn’t have to wait more than twelve months.


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