ManOfLondon Watches: Misfits season 3 : Just how long can one person do community service?

Lets get one thing clear. ManOfLondon enjoys hit E4 comedy-drama misfits more than most people, however, I am going to propose that the show has gotten, well, somewhat lazy.

We seen the departure of Robert Sheehan In-between series’, which was fully explained in online episodes.

At the beginning of this opening episode, we see a fresh lease of life for the show. New characters, old characters and what many might have seen as a welcome element to the show, some normality.

Spoiler alert

By the end of the show even the most approving gentleman would have been somewhat miffed. We once again see our favourite anti-hero’s (ManOfLondon personally loves Kelly [played by the excellent Lauren Socha]) back in their now infamous orange jumpsuits.

It’s just a little bit far fetched. Even in the misfit reality.

Community service

Yes, you may think to yourself ‘the odd thing to you isn’t the superpowers, but the amount of time they spend in community service?’ but I have a reasoning for this.

What else can possibly happen in the landscape of the series that we haven’t seen before?

For the past two series’ the show has been set on a council estate, with a focus on it’s community centre. Would it not be fresher, more exciting to see the characters in a different environment? Maybe chasing their next nemesis down Oxford Street on a Saturday? Or through the crowds at Glastonbury or T in the park?

Time will only tell if these characters are going to develop further. The new addition to the cast (Played by Joe Gilgun) is a promising development for the show, his cockiness replacing that of Nathan’s, but with his split personality, we see another side which Nathan didn’t show.

The fact that they have developed the character in the first show is a good thing, it shows there is scope to find out more about each of the other characters too. Time will only tell if the characters get to explore new surroundings and deal with new situations. Although ManOfLondon isn’t overly impressed with the characters going back to their roots, the show will be Sunday night staple viewing for the considerable future.


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