ManofLondon Reads: One Day. David Nicholls’ one for the lads.

The book has been one of the biggest sellers in the U.K. What has made the book a staple read on the London transport system?
My view is that its success is down to it being a love story men can relate to.

Every man can see part of himself in protagonist Dexter Mayhew, while at the same time wishing he could ooze charisma in the effortless way he does.

His infatuation with Emma, which spans over twenty years, is an extreme version of feelings men stereotypically have trouble expressing. (Although us modern men don’t have that problem, of course!).

Nicholls has written a love story that the modern man can relate too. The timescale which story takes place encompasses a large part of his life.

From Young Dexter’s boyish charm he uses to succeed in television, to the utter panic he faces when being left with his newborn daughter alone for the first time, we see someone who is truly human.

Man of London had the exclusive chance to ask Mr. Nicholls what character he related to the most, and somewhat surprisingly, he didn’t choose either of the main characters: “I actually relate most to Ian. Especially when we see him as a father”. Quite the comment from someone who is very modest about his Dexter like charm over everyone in the room.

Dexter Mayhew exposes his most vulnerable side to an audience who didn’t expect to see it when they finished chapter one. One day is a new kind of love story. One written for the modern man, and one that is destined to be a classic in fifty years time.


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  1. Fantastic book, I absolutely loved it, but love the fact that you’ve given insight from a man’s perspective! Awesome that you got to talk to Nicholls, very jealous

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