A taste of old Amsterdam : ManofLondon visits My old Dutch pancake house


When a friend informed me that we would be taking an outing to a pancake house that had offerings including asparagus pancake, I was less than optimistic. However, I can now say that one of my favourite eateries now lies just opposite Holborn Tube station.

Entering My Old Dutch pancake house, we were greeted by warm and friendly staff and lead to our table. The atmosphere inside is cosy, and adequately Dutch to justify its name, pairs of clogs line the top of a small piano, Dutch signs adorn the walls and the extensive drinks menu all help create an atmosphere that would melt the heart of the iciest gentleman.

The Pancake menu is extensive. The savoury side offers everything from smoked bacon pancakes to ratatouille, but, I must confess, this modern man has the sweet tooth of a six-year-old boy.

Once I flipped the menu over I felt just like that. This was quite possibly the closest I have ever experience to a childhood dream. Pancakes with Lemon and sugar, Pancakes with chocolate sauce, Pancakes with maple syrup and butter and most importantly create your own.

I went for pancakes with maple syrup, butter and ice cream. What happened next was something I did not expect…


The pancake was huge. Literally. Man of London, in all of our gentrified glory, estimates this pancake was at least a foot across. Maple syrup flowed like a glorious river, flooding the buttery pancake and enveloping the icing sugar which decorated its edge, the ice cream melt with the heat of the pancake, absorbing into its spongy mass. It may sound cliché, but it really was heaven for the taste buds!


ManofLondon likes good food. My old Dutch is good food.

Adventure is key. If there is something you haven’t tried before that appeals to you, why not try it? The modern man has to face his fears head on, to ensure that he is still the most respected man around town.

The drinks menu is almost as extensive as the pancakes. Try the Passion fruit and Mango Beer. Its slightly tart taste compliments the sweetness of the pancake and prevents it from becoming too sickly, and ensures it remains something to make your stomach sing.

Top Tip : Visit on a Monday, when every pancake is five pounds.


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