Man of London Visits : Ice Bar London


Ironically, one of the hottest tickets in town is actually the coldest.

Man of London was lucky enough to visit one of London’s top attractions during the heat wave that swept the city at the beginning of the month.

After a remodel that seen the interior transformed, curiosity resulted in a visit to discover what was new inside the freezer like cocktail-lounge.

Entering the premises the staff ‘s warm and welcoming greeting helped heighten the contrast between the outside and the ice-cold interior.

At the somewhat theatrical entrance, you are adorned with a quilted poncho and gloves, to ensure you can fully interact with the surroundings, and, more importantly, pick up your ice-glass cocktail.

Even the most reserved gentleman would chuckle at his appearance in the mirror; however, this is all part of the experience.

Feeling like a character from little red riding hood, ManofLondon and his trusted companions ventured inside for cool drinks in the only cool surroundings in town.

Inside the atmosphere is electric, and you can feel it In every inch of this impressive space. The loud electro music set the perfect atmosphere for those looking to head somewhere for a little late night indulgence in one of the cities mega clubs.


The space has recently underwent a re-design where the current ice sculptures are replaced. This gives the bar a new feel for those who visit frequently, and , gives the owners the opportunity to dispose of the ice which is worse for wear.


The prices for the bar vary from day to day and even by the time. For the best value book online, there are occasionally discounts for booking in advance (this requires pre-payment). The bar can cost in excess of £15 at the weekend and does get very busy, so something to remember if you decide to make a last minute visit.

Overall the bar is a good experience. 40 minutes is more than long enough in the extreme conditions, especially when consuming alcohol. The fact that the entrance fee includes a cocktail of you choice for a surprisingly extensive menu for such an establishment is definitely a plus point.

My advice is don’t visit too often. Save a visit for a special occasion, so that the magic that this bar holds for those who have visited it, isn’t lost on you in the long run.

To book in advance visit :


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  1. Nice! I just went once to an Ice Bar in Australia, was great!

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