Is our education still valued ?


University Education is a huge issue within the U.K at present.

Universities in England and Wales have been given  the right to increase fees by almost three-fold (Many chose to exercise this right, surprise surprise) the modern man is facing a tough dilemma in a world where having a degree is essential to gaining employment.

Two options, attend University and rack up £40,000 debts , or attempt to secure a place on a modern apprenticeship course, which pays while you gain recognised qualifications. I know what I would choose.

The situation In Scotland isn’t much better, with talks of University mergers being discussed in Parliament this week, with The University of Abertay Dundee , my alma matter first to the guillotine.

Money = Quality

Why is it acceptable in a developed society to match the quality of education to a monetary figure? Speaking from experience, studying at a small institution has numerous advantages. Class sizes are smaller, allowing modern men such as myself to network with each other as well as with the leading ladies of our generation. Bonds between student and tutor form quickly and offer comfort and support to students during times of stress.

Charging higher fees and reducing the number of instutions will simply put potential applicants off applying which is dangerous to the male population, who have traditionally been seen as less academically equipped than their female counterparts.

So what I put to you is this. Is our education still valued? Are we more valuable with formal education? Or are we just seen as valuable when willing to pay extortionate amounts to obtain our education?


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